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Your Smart Phone Knows Everything You Do...SpyCop Mobile Makes Sure No One Else Does!

Over 40,000 + Installs 


Spy Apps For Smart Phones Can Hear You Talk, Grab Your Texts, Even Track Your Location...Free SpyCop Mobile Android Spy Guard alerts you to unauthorized installation of any app on your phone including spy apps.

Bad guys can install nasty apps on your phone without your knowledge or consent, but they all go through the installation process. This is where SpyCop Mobile Android Spy Guard shines! If anyone installs any app on your phone remotely you will know it!

If you lend someone your phone to make a call and they sneak a spy app on your phone, you will know it. If someone from you workplace installs any app on your phone you will know it!

With SpyCop Mobile Android Spy Guard you will be alerted by email every time an app is installed on your phone regardless of who installed it. If the bad guy tries to uninstall SpyCop Mobile Android Spy Guard, they will need the password you assigned when you installed SpyCop

Grey McKenzie

SpyCop Founder

About SpyCop Mobile

SpyCop Mobile© for Smart Phones: Cutting edge Stealth Technology, puts you back in control of your Smart Phone. No more will you have to wonder if your phone is being spied on while you surf the net, email a client, or sign in to your bank or trading accounts.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I have worked with Grey in several capacities over the past 12 years. Throughout the time I have known him, he has been on the bleeding edge of security concepts and solutions... Grey has always shown that he has unwavering ethics, a genuine concern for the greater welfare and a desire to help others. Grey is an all around good guy to work with.

Kevin McDonald EVP & CISO, Alvaka Networks, HCISPP, CHPSE
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Grey is a seasoned professional, when it comes to developing and implementing cutting-edge technical software and solutions. He has a passion for helping businesses and individuals be protected, both through their technological devices (i.e. SpyCop) as well as their lives (through Stop2Text). It's a privilege to work with such a dedicated, creative person, who has his clients' best interest at heart.

Robbie Robinson Founder NU LIFE

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