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Instant Catch a Spy Detection With SpyCop® For Microsoft Windows®

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Complete Strangers Or Even Family Members Can EASILY Sneak a "KEYLOGGER" Onto Your Computer...

Secretly Capturing & Recording... Every Website You Visit, Banking Passwords, Private Emails & Chat Conversations, Even Credit Card Numbers... All Without Your Knowledge or Consent

They Could Be Recording You Right Now,
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Catch a Spy-3Anti Spy-2"SpyCop Catch a Spy... found a trace of SpectorSoft's eBlaster keylogger on my system that Spy Sweeper and Norton AntiVirus failed to notice"

- Edward C. Baig Personal Tech Writer USA Today

From: Grey McKenzie
SpyCop Founder

I was stunned to find out...

how simple it is for criminals, a spouse, boss, employee or hacker to install a keylogger type spy software program on my computer and record my every move.

Keyloggers are so easy to legally purchase, install and use, they can turn any eight year old into a seasoned hacker!

They have even come out with "hybrid Keyloggers" which disguises itself as an E-Greeting card! The moment you open it you're infected!

ID THEFT IS THE NUMBER ONE CRIME IN AMERICA TODAY, and according to the Federal Trade Commission, by 2008 1 in 3 Americans will have been a victim of ID Theft...

Do you think that the hundreds of thousands of copies of legally bought & sold Keylogger programs could possibly have something to do with the staggering success of identity thieves?

SpyCop Catch a Spy for Microsoft Windows® was the first in the industry to identify and disable these spy programs, and SpyCop Catch a Spy remains the leader even today.

"Above all take a look at SpyCop Catch a Spy, one of the oldest scanners that is specifically aimed at key-loggers and overt monitoring programs.  "

- John C. Dvorak Contributing Editor of PC Magazine

This is how SpyCop Catch a Spy will SPYPROOF your PC:
  • Stop Password Theft Dead - SpyCop Catch a Spy  detects Keyloggers that are put on your computer to capture your passwords.
  • Keep Your Emails Private - SpyCop Catch a Spy alerts you if your emails are being snooped by Keyloggers.
  • Kill Instant Message & Chat Keyloggers - SpyCop Catch a Spy keeps your online chats and instant messages safe from prying eyes.
United States Government Agencies
Who Purchased SpyCop Catch a Spy

(DHS) Department of Homeland Security
(FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation
(DOS) Department of State
(OIG) Office of The Inspector General
(IRS) Internal Revenue Service
(NASA) National Aeronautics & Space Administration
(FDA) US Food & Drug Administration
(CAP) Civil Air Patrol
(SSA) Social Security Administration
(USDA) United States Department of Agriculture
(DHH) Louisianna Department of Health & Hospitals
(PNL) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE)
(SCSA) California State & Consumer Services Agency
(WSDOT) Washingtons State Department Of Transportation
(USGS) US Geological Survey
(USDVA) Department of Vetrans Affairs
(INL) Idaho National Laboratory (Nuclear Research
(HHS) Health & Human Services
(NTSR) National Transportation Safety Board
(LANL) Los Alamos National Laboratory (National Security Nuclear Safety)
(EIA) Energy Information Administration
(TA) Technology Administration
(LOC) Library of Congress
(NPS) National Park Service
(NIST) National Institute of Standards & Technology
(LLNL) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (National Security Lab)
(SNL) Sandia National Laboratories (Nuclear Lab)
(DC) District of Columbia
(TVA) Tennessee Valley Authority
(MT) State of Montana

  • Stop Surfing Monitors - SpyCop Catch a Spy can prevent Keyloggers from capturing & recording what websites you're visiting.
  • Stop Keystroke Loggers Dead - SpyCop Catch a Spy protects you from Keyloggers that can capture & record your every keystroke.
  • Prevent Online Credit Card Theft - SpyCop Catch a Spy can help keep your credit card information safe if you shop online.
Anti Spy-5

NOTE: The data and logs from which these results were calculated are available upon request to each associated company. All products tested against SpyCop Catch a Spy Database!

  • Protect Your Banking Information - SpyCop Catch a Spy can protect your banking information from being stolen if you bank online.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Keylogger Data Transfer - SpyCop Catch a Spy can stop Keyloggers from relaying your private information over the Internet.
  • Prevent Identity Theft - SpyCop Catch a Spy can stop Keyloggers from capturing and recording information that can help someone steal your identity.
One in ten websites is infected with malware!

"Google said that it had analysed approximately 4.5 million websites over a 12 month period and found that 450,000 had caused a test computer to make a drive-by download, a common example of which was a keylogger, which captures every keystroke a user make".

With SpyCop Catch a Spy you can rest assured your passwords are as safe as possible. SpyCop Catch a Spy detects all known commercially available surveillance Keylogger products.

With SpyCop Catch a Spy you don't have to worry that all your email correspondence is being monitored. SpyCop Catch a Spy will alert you to what the Keylogger program is and when it was installed.

Did you know that Keyloggers can capture and record your chat conversations? SpyCop Catch a Spy will detect the culprit and allow you to safely disable it.

Even the websites you travel to and everything you look at online can be captured and relayed over the internet to whoever installed the Keylogger on your PC. SpyCop Catch a Spy keeps you safe and secure from these type of attacks on your privacy.

Keyloggers can capture and record every keystroke you make without your knowledge or consent. SpyCop Catch a Spy locates & destroys the Keyloggers from operating on your system and spying on you.

If you shop online your credit card information can be stolen with a keylogger and used to ruin your credit. With SpyCop Catch a Spy you protect yourself against this type of high tech robbery.

Even your banking information can be subject to being hijacked for criminal use without your knowledge or consent. SpyCop Catch a Spy can keep your financial information safe from these predators.

All this information that Keyloggers gathers can be sent right over the Internet to anyone. SpyCop Catch a Spy lets you know if you are being spied upon.

Identity theft is exploding across our nation! SpyCop Catch a Spy is dedicated to protecting your privacy.

Anti Spy-6

"Someone’s always looking," said Ms. Aftab, who is the executive director of, an online safety and education group, which receives about 1,000 complaints a month, she said, from people who are targets of electronic spying or stalking. "It’s so easy and so many people are doing it that a lot of people don’t realize how often they’re being spied on," she said.

Published: September 7, 2006 New York Times

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SpyCop Catch a Spy detects and disables all known commercially available PC surveillance Keylogger products that are currently available to anyone!

No other product on the market does as thorough a job as SpyCop Catch a Spy.

If your PC is infected with Keyloggers, SpyCop Catch a Spy will detect it with our brute force method of scanning! SpyCop Catch a Spy literally goes through every program file on your hard drive leaving no stone unturned.

  • New Stealth Technology
  • Finds Keyloggers
  • Finds Chat Monitors
  • Finds Password Recorders
  • Finds Credit Card Recorders
  • Finds Email Recorders
  • Finds Internet Relay Keyloggers
  • Finds Screen Recorders
  • Finds URL Recorders
  • Disables Keyloggers
  • Detects Dormant Keyloggers
  • Auto Scanning Screensaver
  • Easy To Use Auto Database Update Feature
  • Unlimited Email Tech Support
  • Easily Scan Single Files For Checking Of Suspicious Files
  • Detect Keyloggers That Renames & Moves Itself
  • Database Search Query Tool
  • Easily Find And Disable Keyloggers With SpyCop Catch a Spy
  • Largest Surveillance Software Database In The World
Anti Spy-17"Programs that can be set to run frequently, like SpyCop Catch a Spy, are ideal..."

- Kevin Mitnick Wired Magazine, and World Famous Hacker

So here's my pledge to you...

My company SpyCop will keep you supplied with the absolute best cutting edge spy detection technology. You'll receive unlimited FREE technical support and a year of free database updates with your order! And program upgrades are free for life! With any download!

We are charging a small fee for our service because it takes a tremendous amount of time, resources, and money to keep ahead of spy companies who are constantly rewriting their Keylogger Software in an attempt to prevent detection.

So here's my special offer...

Save $20 if you register before midnight .

You've heard all the information regarding SpyCop and how important it is to get protected.

Click on the download now button and you will be taken to our secure servers. Get protected fast with our instant download.


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Best of Success,
Grey McKenzie

If Your Current Anti-Spyware Software Detects ANY Commercial Spy Program That SpyCop Doesn't, I Will Personally Give Your Money Back! I Guarantee SpyCop Catch a Spy Has The Largest Commercial Spy Database On The Planet!

Catch a Spy-25Anti Spy-20"If you care for the health and well-being of your PC, as well as protecting your personal information, be proactive and protect your PC. I would recommend the SpyCop Spyware Detection software to anyone who wants to take the extra step to protect their PC and their financial livelihood. Identity theft is a very serious problem you want to prevent at all costs. This is a great product and very user-friendly. Highly recommended!"

- BellaOnline's Virus and Spam Editor

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