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About Our Company

SpyCop was the first company in the security industry to develop software designed to protect the general public from so called "undetectable" computer monitoring spy programs and continues to be the leader in this field of privacy protection software. Our primary goal is to uphold a US Consumer's constitutional right to privacy.

SpyCop is a relatively small "virtual" Internet company committed to keeping your privacy protected. Our unique company consists of Internet users around the world "telecommuting" to get the job done under contract. Our size and structure makes it possible to make changes and updates in an extremely small amount of time.

The SpyCop company has plans to expand further into the security and privacy market for personal computers. SpyCop and its partners will continue to develop counter surveillance solutions for the Windows platform as well as tools to help consumers protect themselves from other potential privacy and security threats.

Please explore the SpyCop web site, and if you have any questions about the SpyCop company and/or products, feel free to send an e-mail. All contact information is available by clicking Help on a web site menu bar.

Our primary sales office is located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Remember, SpyCop is on your side!

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