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Contact Us / Technical Support

Please follow these rules to receive a quick response:
  • Include a descriptive subject line or your message may be filtered.
  • Send your message to only the most appropriate address below. Sending your message to multiple addresses may result in your email being erased by our spam filter.
  • Response time may be longer during weekends or holidays - do not send multiple copies of your message.
SpyCop Scanner and EvTerm Assistance Only
Send a message to technicalATspycopDOTcom with subject "Product Support Request".
After sending a message to this address, you will receive an automated reply. If you do not receive this, you must fix your email filters so that our response will get to you.

SpyCop Cloak Assistance Only

Report Spam, bad advertising by affiliates, etc

Questions about becoming an affiliate or reseller

Privacy Policy inquiries or Personal Information Updates

Media inquiries or request a Journalist's Software Evaluation

Corporate Site Licensing

Support FAQs

Q. Is there a technical support number I can call?

A. All technical support is handled via Email.

Q. My email was never answered!

A. A properly directed message with a valid subject line will be responded to as soon as possible.  If you sent an email and it has not been responded to within 24 hours, your message may not have reached its destination.  You can then re-send a new message with a different subject line.  Lastly, some people are using services which require email senders to reply to a second message with a code as an anti-spam tool.  You must configure this feature to accept responses from "kmcsonline.com", "kmcsonline.net" and "spycop.com" without this requirement.

Q. How do I report new spy software?

A. If you have found out about a new computer monitoring spy program which had been released recently, you can report it to us for inclusion in a future SpyCop database update.  First, check the SpyCop database via File, Query the Signature Database before reporting spy programs.  If a match is not found, use the 'Report a Spy' button in the query dialog.  To enable us to investigate the program quickly, please send us a direct download URL for the spy program.  If this is not possible, please send us a link to the home page of the distributor.

Q.  I reported a spy program but it has not been added

A. There are many spy program resellers out there who use "Private Labeling" to sell other products as their own brand.  Many spy programs that you discover, but can not be queried in the SpyCop database, are in fact detectable under their original brand names.  Run a test scan on the spy program in question to be sure. Secondly, we get quite a few spy program reports which are advertiser spy related. SpyCop is a computer monitoring spy detector, not an advertiser spy detector.  Please report advertiser spies to the folks over at Lavasoftusa.com so that they can deal with them in their excellent Ad-Aware product.

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