How To Securely Delete or Erase Your Hard Drive With a Click of Your Mouse

If you need to securely delete your hard drive and don’t know how to do it, I’ve created a tool to do it for you. Meet Evidence Terminator. Now not only can you erase your hard drive, but you can securely delete and file, video or folder using NSA DOD privacy protectiion


ET Shredder: Allows user to drag & drop any file to the Evidence Terminator Icon and make that file totally unrecoverable using a choice blend of encryption methods incorporating DOD-NSA standard or the Guttman method. ET is set to our special SpyCop blend but all settings are adjustable for the super paranoid

Ghost Buster: Ghost Buster allows our users to completely obliterate any & all old ghost files or folders that haven’t been properly disposed of before they acquired & installed Evidence Terminator

Nuke Drives: Everyone needs to use this feature before selling or throwing out their old computers. Also if you are and employer and one of your employees have left the company… to protect your company you need to use this feature to restore the work station back to a safe state and remove everything that employee installed on that work station Simply click on the NUKE DRIVE button and you can relax knowing that any & all data has been securely removed/ terminated and made unrecoverable. Then you can easily restore your programs and use that computer for your new employee.

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