SpyCop Privacy Protection Suite Launches Evidence Terminator DOD NSA Desktop App To Securely Erase Digital Files And Hard Drives

Panama City Beach Florida Nov 29 2012 – SpyCop Privacy Protection Suite www.spycop.com has launched Evidence Terminator, a Windows desktop application, targeting the secure deletion and removal of all digital data from a user’s computer.

Evidence Terminator securely deletes and removes everything from files, folders and video, to the complete deletion of the hard drive, using a blend of DOD NSA encryption methods, while leaving the operating system intact.

The Evidence Terminator software tackles the problem all Windows computers have, by addressing the problems regarding the unsecure recycle bin.

Grey McKenzie SpyCop Founder explains. “Most people don’t know that when they drag a file to the recycle bin on a Windows computer, that digital content is still available and easily recovered. This means that all sensitive business or personal data can be harvested by any simple forensic software program”.

SpyCop Privacy Protection Suite is a total software security solutions provider offering secure privacy protection for Windows computers and Android smart phones, along with custom designed security software solutions for business and government. For further information contact Cheryl Brock at info@spycop.com