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SpyCop Key Logger Detection Software - Review
Kathleen M. Tuggle, BellaOnline's Virus and Spam Editor

...One such product that I've recently downloaded and used on two of my computers is SpyCop Spyware Detection and Removal software. The software downloaded from the SpyCop website was very quick and easy. The install wizard was easy to follow. Also included with the key logger detection is the option to turn on adware detection, which is an added plus in tracking annoying and invasive adware programs on your computer...I would recommend the SpyCop Spyware Detection software to anyone who wants to take the extra step to protect their PC and their financial livelihood. Identity theft is a very serious problem you want to prevent at all costs. This is a great product and very user-friendly. Highly recommended!  Whole article here.

Edward C. Baig, Personal Tech Writer, USA Today

SpyCop... found a trace of SpectorSoft's eBlaster keylogger on my system that Spy Sweeper and Norton AntiVirus failed to notice.

Anti-Keystroke-Logging Software
John C. Dvorak, Contributing Editor, PC Magazine

If your paranoia goes deeper, make sure to look at some of the anti-keystroke-logging software. The best I've seen so far is SpyCop, available online at www.spycop.com. It scours your system, looking for secret keystroke-logging software. The like-named company also makes Evidence Terminator, which routinely erases cookies and all sorts of files that can be used to track your activities. Welcome to the Big Brother century—when we can't trust our own computers anymore... whole article here.

Keep yourself top secret! How to defeat spyware 
David Coursey, Executive Editor, ZDNET AnchorDesk

...BUT TAKE HEART. You are not defenseless in the fight against keystroke loggers. A program called SpyCop is designed specifically to head off corporate spying programs, unlike antivirus and desktop security programs that can capture only some spy programs. For $49.95 (sale price), it offers very inexpensive protection, and says it can detect and defeat 181 different keystroke loggers. Its makers also offer a version of SpyCop that includes Evidence Terminator, a program that removes files from your PC that provide clues as to your online habits and movements...whole article here.

Komando Show's Shareware Pick of the Week (10-27-01)

Are you being snooped? Is your every key entry and mouse click recorded? There are more than 100 programs that can be used to monitor your computer activities, but now you can out-snoop the spies by using this program to ferret out hidden spy programs on your system. Scan your entire system and get automatic updates to the spy program database (with the full version) or check out individual, suspicious applications. 


SpyCop is (payware) software to detect spyware, but mainly todetect and clean a personal system from these kind of computer activity recording products, that could have been installed on your system without your knowledge or approval. Spycop has a database of 175+ of such monitoring programs. It allows inspection, renaming suspect files, save and print results. and comes with a LiveUpdate function and detectable database.  We have tested Spycop v3.0 using a database of 50 monitoring programs; Spycop detected them all.

Keyboard Monitors Fuel Online Paranoia
By Becky Worley, Tech TV.com

SpyCop is a program that has a frequently updated list of key logger programs. Use the simple user interface to scan your computer for spy programs. Once scanned, SpyCop generates a simple report of programs and suspicious files. It even scrambles any screenshots of its interface that a monitoring program tries to capture.

As an added benefit, SpyCop will also search your computer for spyware (a program that reports your Internet habits to companies gathering demographic information).

I give SpyCop my unofficial thumbs up. It seems to be the easiest and most effective way to find out if you are being monitored.

Laptop Magazine

Computer interconnectivity has opened a world of possibilities, and our lives are more convenient because of it. One trade-off, however, is that it's now possible for prying eyes to monitor virtually every action you take on your computer. SpyCop offers a way to monitor the software that might be monitoring you.

The free version of SpyCop can be downloaded from the company's Web site, and will scan your files for any trace of monitoring software. It indicates which files allow others to spy on you, so you know what to delete.

The corporate version, also available from the SpyCop Web site, costs $69 (sale price) and not only spots the monitoring software on your computer, but removes it for you. SpyCop is constantly updated to offer fresh protection against the latest spyware innovations.

SpyCop is intended for Windows 95, 98, and Me, and requires a 486 or faster processor. 16MB of memory is also required, although 32MB or more is recommended.

SpyCop Reveals All
Info Security News & SC Magazine

SpyCop has developed an anti-surveillance package of the same name that counters so-called spy software.

Such software, the firm claims, is inserted on to a PC's hard disk using an executable attachment along with a carrier email. Once installed, the firm says that the software is very difficult to detect, even with existing IT security applications.

In use, the package will scan any PC-based computer for surveillance software and will alert computer owners if they are being spied upon.

The Delaware, US-based company says that SpyCop uses a brute force scanning system that examines all files, hidden or otherwise, for computer monitoring software. Examples of computer monitoring programs are KeyKey, 007 STARR, Boss Everywhere and I-See-U.

Computer Spyware
I-team reporter Ward Lucas, 9News.com

The ad for 'SPECTOR SOFT' software promises that you can automatically record everything your spouse, children or employees do online. In fact, that's a massive understatment. The $69 (Retail price for HE) program works like a movie camera taking continuous snapshots of your victim's screen, logging each move. Then, the program actually emails you every word your victim has typed. It's sold by a company in Vero Beach, Florida. It is also called "spyware" and "adulteryware".

Spector Soft President, Doug Fowler, says his product is extremely effective at catching the cheating spouse in the act.

The spyware has led to another phenomenon, anti-spyware. Our I-team is testing one such program, called 'Spycop'. It claims it can ferret out snoopware or adulteryware, and clean it off your harddrive.

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SpyCop Testimonials

You know, it just now dawned on me that - although I've been using and singing the praises of SpyCop for literally YEARS - I never bothered to put up my OWN "testimonial" to it.

IN all those years, the SpyCop program has NEVER failed to detect a program that I've either stumbled upon myself, or that other people have dared me to install to SEE if it would detect it (that's called "100% detection" in my case).

Furthermore, the "Tech Support" people are absolutely fantastic to deal with - and prompt? Have I mentioned that technical support responses have NEVER, in all those years, taken more than a few HOURS to receive? 

INCLUDING nights, weekends and holidays?

And that MOST responses I've received have been within hours - some even within MINUTES of my having sent a request for help?

For those "in the know" ,  you're ALREADY aware that programs such as SpyBot Search&Destroy and AdAware offer only paltry, incidental detection of a relative HANDFUL of keyloggers - and even then their "fix" (if they even provide one) can be applied with the "band-aid" approach (disabling the keylogger, at best) - whereas SpyCop walks you through a COMPLETE, TOTAL un-install of whatever's found, tailored to your own computer set-up. There's simply no comparison, detection-and-support-wise.

Even a lot of the relatively "high-tech" or "state-of-the-art" defensive programs out there absolutely INSIST that one MUST START with a CLEAN computer before relying on THEIR program to KEEP you clean/un-infected - and I can un-equivocally state that there isn't a better program anywhere than SPYCOP to assure you that your computer is TOTALLY CLEAN from PRE-EXISTING keylogging programs before relying on any of those other programs to maintain that "clean" state.

You can take this one to the bank - you'll NEVER regret having purchased this product.

-Pete Yevchak (spy1)

I recently used Spector Pro 5.0 on my computer an employee used.  Suspicions were confirmed - the program was very useful.  However, the fear comes in that the employee was doing "bad" things.  I don't put it past them to have installed spyware on my computers (I know it is illegal - but would not have prevented them from doing so anyway).  I have other spyware/adware detection programs (Spy Sweeper, Ad-Aware, Search and Destroy, CWShredder, and Spyware Doctor) that can NOT find the program I personally installed and know is there (great job guys!).  I also ran SpyCop on the office computers. Nothing was found except the program I installed and on the machine I installed it on!  (Nice going!  Your program is the only one to find it!)  For the last week I have worked on nothing but trying to figure out if my computers are safe!  I have a small business.  I have learned a lot about spyware over the last week and am mortified by ease of installation in a network if a person has access and the potential of misuse!


In response to our  product support:
Thanks!!! You guys rock. Outstanding work my friend. It's nice to get great customer service.


Just a note . . .

 . . . to thank you for all your efforts. SpyCop has saved me from a couple of unknown intruders on more than one occasion. I've recommended your program to a few friends.  Again, my sincere thanks.


Dear Spycop

My emotionally troubled, now ex boyfriend, had installed Spector Pro on my computer.  He would send me nasty emails laughing that there was no way I could get it off and erase incoming emails and other files.  I had no idea how to eradicate it.  I tried another program, but it didn't find anything. When I tried yours, it found it!  Then you helped me disable it and remove it from my system quickly.  Your program has lifted such a weight off my shoulders.  For those of us who are victims of what I consider a crime, you have done for me what even law enforcement couldn't.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-C. P.

First, I like to thank you for creating this software. I never thought that I would have any use for this software, but I am glad I purchased this software protection. I am so outraged that someone would be spying on me on my computer.   I've been wondering for awhile why my computer sometimes acted the way it did. I often thought about why some files were missing. Now, with your help, I now know why.  I am writing this Email to you to, let you know that your SpyCop software has detected an intruder. I believe this virus or bug was installed within a CD that was given to me by a suppose friend.


In response to our  product support:
Thank you for the fast response, ET is working fine now. I wish all software companies were this efficient.

-J. D.

A few months ago, I purchased your 'SpyCop' anti-spyware program; Which, might I add, has proven itself to be not only an excellent piece of software, but also INVALUABLE to my computing privacy. Before I first used 'SpyCop', I had never actually realised just how much spyware is actually being used! Needless to say, I was totally shocked & now use 'SpyCop' as part of my regular computer maintenance. I am also constantly advising my friends to purchase a version of 'SpyCop' & protect themselves from this form of malevolent software.


In response to our  product support:
Thank you for your interest in helping me with my problem. I have done all the things that you suggested.  ... I truly appreciate the support you have given me with your product.  Especially offering a refund if I was not able to use it.  So many companies will not even return an e-mail when you have a problem.  I will recommend SPYCOP to all my friends.

-D. B.

In response to our  product support:
How do you manage such quick customer response???  i manage a small tech company and we never can respond to our clients so quickly-eg. SUNDAY.  amazing!!


In response to our  product support:
Good answer and prompt - great product, if only all software and support were like this  - keep up the good work!


In response to our  product support:
Thank you so much for the incredible speed with which you responded to my 
request!!!!!!!! I'm thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

-J. A.

In response to our  product support:
Your company is impressive . . . you do what you say: your products work outstanding!: and the aftersale support is real.  Not a bad summary.


In response to our  product support:
To the SpyCop support team,
Thank you very much for taking the time in answering my query. You're the only one who has done so. I've written the contact info in the websites of NetCop and Nitrous AntiSpy. Although both claim 24/7 technical support, you're the only one who answered in less than 24 hours! That clinches it for me. I will go for your product after I try the trial version to see if SpyCop is compatible with my system. Also I've written other vendors which sell your product together with the other antispy products. So far, of those who have responded to my question, the decision is unanimous - they recommend SpyCop! I thought you might want to know. 

-D. A.

SpyCop Team,
You guys are awesome!  The new version works great.... it detected eBlaster no problem. Once it showed me the eBlaster file ... I tested SpyCop with some other spy software and it found them all. I am very impressed how quickly your team solved the problem! over the holidays no less! You guys are incredible to have responded this fast!!!  Great job!!

-D. K.

Not being the brightest and definitely the most impatient individual when it comes to setting up programs, I had Spycop "Evidence Terminator" up and running on my own script in less than 15 minutes. I admit most of that time was spent taking a short peek at the instructions. It is so simple and easy I almost felt ashamed that I had even looked at the instructions.

It's a great program. Terminated all the left over information I wanted it to. This is a must have for anyone be they a propeller head or newbie, who wants to erase information from their PC and know it is gone.

I have used several similar shareware products in the past that didn't do half of what your program can do, but once I tried it I knew it was definitely worth the bucks to purchase.

Thanks for a great product!

-A. R.

I am very glad to have this program, I will be recommending it to everyone concerned about being spied on.  Thanks SpyCop!

-M. S.

Thank you so very much and you can count on me singing praises for both your products and your customer service-which is tops. And I will be getting more of your products in the very near future.

Sincerely yours,
-C. R.

"Spy software is a threat to any company"
The security risk that spy programs pose is enormous. As an IT manager for a large security firm, I can say that computer monitoring software is about the most dangerous type of software that can be installed on our systems. The Corporate edition of SpyCop has been configured to scan our systems at midnight each night and the logs are all compiled into one giant log which is then parsed for spy software warnings. I'd advise any company that is serious about protecting their intellectual property from certain employees to install SpyCop.

-Terry P

"Excellent desktop security program. I use it every day in my business!"
With all the spy programs that are available to be put on anyones computer no-one need be without protection. In my business I need to be sure I'm not losing sensitive information and Spycop keeps me protected. I recommend this product to anyone who is concerned for their personal or business privacy. It can't be beat.Before SpyCop all I could find were programs like adaware that is great for advertising spyware butthey didn't find the sneaky kind that anyone who has access to your computer can install without your knowledge or consent.Thumbs up SpyCop team!!!


"Fantastic, found Spector, Eblaster & KeyKey right off the bat. whew am I glad."
Now I know no=one is watching what I do on my computer. I don't care about advertising spyware that adaware finds. I only care about the software someone can put on my computer to monitor everything I do without my knowledge or consent. This is the only product I could find that can locate this type of spyware !!!

New Mexico

"Finally a way to uncover snoops!"
It seems that most people here are confusing advertiser spyware with actual spying software. This program gets a 10/10 for effectively finding actual keyloggers and the such. I recommend it to anyone who thinks they might be spied on by their boss.


"Adaware didn't find the spyware my wife installed on my computer. SpyCop did. I highly recommend it!"
Adaware doesn't find the kind of spyware that watches everything you do on your computer. SpyCop saved me thousands of dollars.My wife had installed computer monitoring spyware to watch my computer use.


"A must have!"
For people that actually know the difference between adaware type spy programs and these types, this program is a must. My wife was recording my AOL and Spy cop found it.


"Best $50 I ever spent"
My hubby doesn't know that I know he is watching me. This is great!


Hi Folks

I do sweeps of homes for electronic surveillance detection. I recommend
Spycop to all my clients. Your software works, simple as that.

- Bill

   { 9/02/02 } Kewl software, works really easy and I bought it.
   { 9/24/02 } Found all my boss's spyware - thanx 4 a great program!
   {10/25/02} Antispyware at its best - my compliments to the developer.
   {01/06/03} My Boss hates me! Found his spyware and deleted it!!

(Note: Quotes above taken from http://gigenestuff.homestead.com/reviews.html)

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