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Updating SpyCop Products

How do I update the Software or Signature Database?

New spy software is continuously being released and SpyCop is continually being updated to detect these latest releases. To update the signature database and program at the same time, use the File, Update Database feature.

Evidence Terminator can be updated in a similar manner.  EvTerm does not require signatures, but the update feature will update the program without you having to reinstall.

How does the SpyCop database update subscription renewal work?

Your initial purchase includes one year of database updates.  The renewal process will require you to enter a renewal code each year after the first year.  Renewal is for database updates only and is only $12.95 per year.  The three part code you have already is a serial number, not a renewal code.  Your existing license will remain active and the program will continue to function even if your subscription expires.  You will never have to buy the program again as promised on our web site.  You can purchase a renewal when a database update becomes available and will be prompted with how to do so at that time.

The days left in your subscription are calculated from the date of your first update.  The days left will decrease in chunks of days rather than day by day as this is calculated using database dates and not your system clock.

If you have an email stating that database updates are free for life (This was only offered 2002 and earlier), you can forward it to us for a free renewal code each year.  You will never have to pay for the renewal codes.  Simply forward the message each year when your sub is about to expire and we will promptly send a code to add another year. We do not break our promises!!

Where can I download a new installer?  How much does it cost?

We never charge to re-download the software.  The main download page is located here.  You can follow your existing download and activation instructions at any time to reinstall to a new computer or repair a damaged installation.  It is very important that you print this information for future reference.  If you've lost your registration, you can email our support department for assistance.

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