What is a Keylogger & How To Find a Keylogger on My Computer

In this post I will explain what is a keylogger and how to find a keylogger on your computer

What is a Keylogger?

In this post we will cover…

  • Who Uses Keyloggers
  • Hardware Keyloggers
  • Software Keyloggers
  • Countermeasures
  • Where to purchase Keyloggers

Who Uses Keyloggers

  • Spouses & Family Members
  • Employers
  • Private Detectives
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parents Watching Children

Hardware Keyloggers


  • Begins to log the moment a computer is turned on
  • Captures credit cards, chats, emails, websites
  • Able to intercept logon passwords
  • Undetectable by security software
  • They Work on all platforms Window/Mac/Linux

Hardware Keyloggers


  • Need to go through logs of all keystrokes
  • Logs must be manually retrieved
  • Easy to spot if user knows what to look for
  • Shortage of features

Software Keyloggers


  • Invisible to the human eye
  • Remote installation possible
  • Can send captured data live to anywhere
  • Captures credit cards, chats, emails, websites
  • Can activate & record PC camera and audio


  • Can be detected by SpyCop & some malware software
  • Can cause conflicts on your computer
  • Spy software developer has access to your PC
  • Transmission can be intercepted by others
  • Admissible in some court systems as evidence


  • Get a spy software detector like www.spycop.com
  • Password protect your computer logon, even at home
  • Deny access to the room your computer is in
  • Visually inspect where your keyboard is plugged in
  • Don’t use publicly available computers
  • Auto form fillers may prevent capture of passwords
  • Avoid typing credit card #’s if you can order via phone

Where to Purchase a Keylogger

While we here at SpyCop are in the business of detecting spy software… There are legitimate uses for this type of product.

Keeping an eye on your children’s Internet activity is the responsibility of every parent

Therefore we have a list of legitimate spy software products you can download here: www.spycop.com/bonus

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